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Fall Foliage at The Foothills of the Appalachians

You could make an argument for a lot of “most wonderful times of the year” here in the South Carolina Upstate, but more than a few folks would peg this very window as the best of all. That’s on account of the magnificent fall colors that our big backyard—which spans the Piedmont and the Appalachian foothills of the Blue Ridge—wears as the days begin shortening and the temperatures turn crisper.

You’ll find the perfect perch for Upstate “leaf-peeping” with Village Green accommodations here at The Inn at Patrick Square, offering boutique guest rooms, suites, and on-site amenities in Clemson, South Carolina. Come join us for some truly eye-popping seasonal scenery!

Fall Colors Around Clemson, SC

You don’t have to work hard to revel in the leafy glories of Upstate fall colors with a home base at The Inn at Patrick Square. You’ll find blazing, multihued canopies from the street trees of Clemson out to the wilds of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, all within easy reach of your Village Green digs.

There are some spectacular Southern Appalachian state parks close to us, and these make fabulous leaf-peeping destinations. They include Devils Fork State Park, showcasing the rugged, forested shores of Lake Jocassee, as well as the Blue Ridge mountainscapes of Caesars Head and Table Rock state parks, where the vivid reds and yellows of autumnal canopies contrast with striking, bold cliffs.

Up in the heights of the Blue Ridge, fall colors tend to peak in the first half, or sometimes the middle, of October. In lower-elevation Upstate settings, though, the show usually doesn’t reach its zenith until early November. The extensive elevational spectrum that defines our neck of the woods—and our wonderful diversity of deciduous trees, including various maples and oaks as well as birches, beeches, cherries, and more—make for a prolonged, highly varied display of fall colors, though the quality and vividness vary from year to year based on both summer and autumn weather conditions.

Clemson University’s very own Don Hagan, a forest ecologist, makes yearly predictions as to the timing and quality of the region’s fall colors. You can take a gander at his forecast for this year right here.

Treat Yourself to a Leaf-Peeping Getaway at The Inn at Patrick Square This Autumn

This is an absolutely beautiful time of year to be sightseeing out of Clemson, South Carolina, with endless photo ops available en route (say) to Devils Fork or Caesars Head state parks. And it’s a joy to come home from a rich leaf-peeping daytrip and enjoy the hospitality here at The Inn at Patrick Square. You’ll have one of our delightful guest rooms or suites to call your home-away-from-home, the culinary pleasures of Stumphouse Café and Rick Erwin’s Clemson to savor, and front-row seats to the fall colors prevailing on the Village Green itself.

Book a postcard-perfect Upstate fall-foliage vacation here at The Inn at Patrick Square in Clemson, South Carolina today!

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